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Mar 09, 2023

5 Reasons Why Rabbits Make Good Pets

5 Reasons Why Rabbits Make Good Pets

1. Bunnies are a good fit for people’s schedules.

Rabbits are most active at dawn and dusk – just like us! That means you can say good morning to your bunny with some pets and play or snuggle on the couch as you unwind from the day. Rabbits are not nocturnal – so when you’re ready for bed, so are they.

2. Rabbits generally have good hygiene.

Bunnies generally keep themselves very clean with frequent grooming. Pet guardians can help keep their coats healthy by brushing them a couple of times a week, but otherwise, you can usually count on your bunny to maintain good personal hygiene.

3. Bunnies are talented comedians.

Bunnies are sure to always make you laugh with their loveable personalities and entertaining quirks. You’ll find yourself smiling every day with their bunny binkies (hops and kicks they do when they’re happy) and bunny flops (flopping on their side).

4. Rabbits are great listeners.

Bunnies do a wonderful job of supporting you through listening with those big ears. They’ll be there for you as you tell them all about your day!

5. Bunnies bond closely with their guardian(s).

Rabbits get to know their guardian just like dogs and cats! With regular and consistent interaction, your bunny will recognize your voice and look. Some bunnies even learn commands and will jump on your lap when prompted or follow you around.


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From March 10th – March 31st, all rabbit adoption fees are only $25! Every adoptable rabbit has had a wellness exam from our veterinary staff, been spayed or neutered, and is microchipped with national registration.

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