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Rabbit Adoption Fees Reduced

From March 10 – 31, all rabbit adoption fees are only $25!

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Every year, the Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County reunites hundreds of pets with their owners thanks to microchip technology. Visible identification, like tags, are important. They should be worn by every pet. But unlike a tag, a microchip cannot be removed or lost, and is often the last link between a lost pet and its owner.

Microchips are tiny computer chips the size of a rice grain. They are injected under the skin, and are as painless as a vaccine. When a hand-held scanner is passed over the pet, a unique microchip number is displayed. Using this number, the staff of a shelter, veterinary clinic, or other organization can contact the microchip company, who can contact you. The shelter can also contact you directly if the microchip information is in our database.


How to Update Your Pet’s Microchip

If your pet does have a microchip, check out this list of common microchip companies where you can keep your information up-to-date.

Not sure which company your pet’s microchip is with? You can look it up using your pet’s microchip ID number with the Pet Microchip Lookup.

If you are unsure of the ID number, stop by your local veterinary office or at our shelter to have them scanned for the information.