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Staff Spotlight: Yuko Tester 5
Nov 17 2022

Staff Spotlight: Maggie Gipson

Maggie with her pup, Baloo. Meet the shelter’s Humane Education Coordinator, Maggie Gipson! Maggie helps create a kinder world for animals by leading the shelter’s…
Staff Spotlight: Yuko Tester
Sep 15 2022

Staff Spotlight: Yuko Tester

Yuko caring for a shelter dog. Meet one of the shelter’s Veterinary Technician Assistants, Yuko Tester! Yuko helps thousands of animals get the medical care…
Staff Spotlight: Bradley Barton
Jul 28 2022

Staff Spotlight: Bradley Barton

Bradley caring for a shelter cat. Meet our Foster Care Lead, Bradley Barton! Bradley oversees the shelter’s dog, cat, and critters foster programs.  Q. What…
Staff Spotlight: Stefanie Cornell
May 26 2022

Staff Spotlight: Stefanie Cornell

Stefanie cuddling and getting photos of a shelter pet being office fostered for the day. Meet our Digital Marketing Manager, Stefanie Cornell! With her creative…
Staff Spotlight: Christy Thomson
Feb 25 2022

Staff Spotlight: Christy Thomson

Meet Community Services Manager, Christy Thomson! Christy recently joined the Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County team. She helps Make Happy Happen every day…
staff spotlight: Charthy Irvin 2
Dec 16 2021

Staff Spotlight: Charthy Irvin

Meet Adoption Services Lead, Charthy Irvin! Charthy has been with the Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County for over 24 years. She helps Make…
staff spotlight: Katrina Avalos
Oct 21 2021

Staff Spotlight: Katrina Avalos

Katrina Avalos Meet Veterinary Technician Assistant, Katrina Avalos! Katrina has been with the Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County for 9 years. She first…
staff spotlight: Aidan Barba
Aug 19 2021

Staff Spotlight: Aidan Barba

Meet our Foster Care Lead, Aidan Barba! Aidan has been with the Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County for 10 years. She first started…
staff spotlight: mary storey 2
Jun 28 2021

Staff Spotlight: Mary Storey

Mary with her dog, Grimly Meet one of our Pet Support Counselors, Mary Storey! Mary has been working at the Humane Society for Tacoma &…

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