Dec 15, 2022

You Made it Possible: Gravel Pit Pups

You Made it Possible: Gravel Pit Pups 1

Puppies found abandoned at gravel site.

In June 2021, employees at the Dickson Waller Road Gravel Pit site found three puppies abandoned in the gravel pit.

Shivering and cold, the crew put together a box with blankets to keep them warm before they were brought to the Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County.

Then, it happened again.

You Made it Possible: Gravel Pit Pups

Puppy found abandoned at gravel site.

A fourth puppy was found one day later at the same gravel pit. Again, the workers rushed to save her, astonished that someone could be so cruel as to dump sick puppies alone in the cold.
Even at first glance, our veterinary team immediately knew something was very wrong with the young dogs. The puppies were dangerously dehydrated, underweight, and diarrhea covered the box they arrived in. They were nearly unresponsive – too weak to notice as the vets administered IV fluids and pain medication.
Their bodies shook with chills and their stomachs hurt so bad that they couldn’t bear to eat. The sweet puppies were very sick and unfortunately tested positive for parvovirus. Parvo can be deadly to young dogs, but thanks to your support, our vet team immediately began intense medical treatment to save their lives.
Treatment was not easy for these pups, but they received a second chance at life. After several weeks of rigorous, round-the-clock care, the puppies fully recovered from parvovirus. Spay/neuter surgeries, vaccines, and flea treatment were the last steps to get them ready for adoption, and finally, it was the big day.
Monica, Phoebe, Rachel all found loving forever homes! And amazingly, Chandler was adopted by one of the Waller Road workers who saved her life in the gravel pit!
Thank you to our animal-loving community for making a difference to homeless and hurting animals. Your generosity is saving lives! Donate to help save even more lives. 

Watch their story:


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