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Jul 14, 2020

Volunteer Spotlight: Jenni Thoma

Meet Jenni, one of our paw-some volunteers! An animal lover for her entire life, Jenni wanted to make a difference in the lives of shelter pets after the passing of her rescue pup, Boo Radley, and she certainly has!

Q. What is your role at the shelter?

A. I’m currently a Lead Dog Walker and Trainer, which means I am trained to walk our more challenging behavior dogs and teach basic skills to pups. Additionally, I also am a trainer for new dog walkers!

Q. How long have you been working at the shelter?

A. I’ve been volunteering at the shelter for almost four years! The first two years were spent with the bunnies as a “SMAM” or “small mammal” lead. These last two years have been spent walking the doggos! 

Q. What made you want to volunteer at the Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County?

A. I’ve always loved animals and had thought about volunteering for a long time. Then, when the passing of the rescued love of my life, Boo Radley, coincided with the opportunity to drop hours at work, I knew it was time to put thought into action. I wanted to help animals find homes so other people could feel the same way about their pets as I did about Boo. I volunteer in remembrance of him.

We’re so sorry about Boo Radley. It is truly never enough time spent with a beloved pet.

Q. What is your favorite part about volunteering?

A. I believe that helping animals get a second (or 3rd or 4th) chance at happiness is really important. I like doing my part, along with the other awesome volunteers and staff, to help take care of shelter pets for at least a little bit of their journey at the shelter.

(Also, selfishly, getting overdoses of doggy snuggles is the BEST.)

Q. If you could give one piece of advice about volunteering with the Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County, what would it be?

A. As a volunteer, I’ve discovered that there are many things that people outside of the shelter might not realize the shelter does. The Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County is an open-admission shelter, meaning pets don’t get turned away for their age, breed, or condition. Plus, the shelter has a lifesaving rate of over 91%! It’s so rewarding to volunteer at the shelter, especially when you see a “long-timer” find their perfect home!

Interested in a career with the Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County? Check out job opportunities here. Want to volunteer or foster? Learn more here!

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