Euthanasia Policy

We Don’t Euthanize for Time or Space

The Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County works hard every day to make sure we are giving every animal that comes through our doors a chance at finding happiness. We do not euthanize animals because they have been with us too long, or if we have too many. We only consider euthanasia in two situations.

  1. An animal is terminally ill and in pain and suffering. Our veterinary staff works hard to provide the best medical care possible, but if there is nothing that a veterinarian can do to make an animal comfortable and that animal no longer has a quality of life, and no realistic chance of recovery then euthanasia may be the kindest option.
  2. Behavior that is dangerous to public safety. Our in house behaviorists and our external partners work hard to socialize animals and will frequently devote months to trying to help animals adapt but if an animal would be a threat to people, other animals, or themselves in a home environment then we have to euthanize rather than put people or other animals in jeopardy but this is the last resort and only undertaken with the agreement of our Pathway Planning Committee.