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Lost Pets

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Found a Stray or Lost Pet?

Effective immediately and until further notice, the shelter will stop taking in any additional stray, lost, or owner-surrendered dogs. The community is asked to help decrease the number of dogs coming into the shelter by keeping a lost or stray dog if found. The shelter will only accept lost or stray dogs in emergency circumstances (i.e., dangerous behavior or requiring immediate medical care).

Found animals are often owned pets, and are usually found within a mile of their home. Unfortunately, bringing a lost pet to a shelter decreases their chance of being found by their owner and fills up much-needed space in the shelter. Furthermore, a shelter can be a stressful environment where animals can wait for long periods of time for a home. If you find a stray or lost dog, please take the following steps: 

1. Provide the pet a temporary home, if possible 

2.  Contact animal control

  • If the pet is wearing a license, call your local animal control for the owner’s information and/or to come pick up the pet.

3. Locate the owner

  • Walk the pup around the area – most dogs don’t wander far from home!
  • You can post online and put up signage around your community to help locate the owners.
  • Upload photos of the pet to Petco Love Lost.
  • Call your local veterinary clinics with a description of the pet.
  • Have the pet scanned for a microchip at your local veterinary clinic.
  • Call the shelter at (253) 383 – 2733 to give our staff a description of the pet for it to be included in our found pet records.

Check out this resource for when you’ve found a dog. 

Shelter Update


Lost a Pet?

Losing a pet is a frightening and emotional time for both the owner and the lost pet. We’re here to help. First, take a deep breath and then follow these steps:

1. Search Online

  • Browse the online listing of found pets in our shelter to see if your pet is listed (click the icons above to start your search).
  • Upload photos to Petco Love Lost of your missing pet. Those photos are immediately scanned to determine whether the lost pet is at a participating shelter or with a neighbor in the community.

2. Visit our shelter

  • A staff member will escort you to view all stray pets at the shelter.
  • Strays are held a minimum of three days before the process of adoption begins. We recommend you visit the shelter at least every other day.

3. Check with our staff

  • Give us a call at (253) 383-2733 or stop by the shelter to speak with staff who can look through a listing of found animals that are not in view. They may be held at someone’s home, a veterinary clinic, deceased, or in quarantine.

4. Don’t give up

  • Some pets have been reunited with their owners months or even years after being lost. Continue to check in with our staff and our website.

Other Tips

  • Call your nearest veterinary clinics and leave a description of your lost pet.
  • Post a classified ad in the local newspaper.
  • Talk with your neighbors or neighborhood watch.
  • Create signage to distribute around your community.
  • Check lost / found Facebook groups, Craigslist, Pawboost and neighborhood apps.