Lost Pets

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What to do if you've lost your pet or found a stray


Lost a Pet?

Losing a pet is a frightening and emotional time for both the owner and the lost pet. We’re here to help. First, take a deep breath and then follow these steps:

1. Search Online

  • Browse the online listing of found pets in our shelter to see if your pet is listed (click the icons above to start your search).
  • Upload photos to Petco Love Lost of your missing pet. Those photos are immediately scanned to determine whether the lost pet is at a participating shelter or with a neighbor in the community.

2. Visit our shelter

  • A staff member will escort you to view all stray pets at the shelter.
  • Strays are held a minimum of three days before the process of adoption begins. We recommend you visit the shelter at least every other day.

3. Check with our staff

  • Give us a call at (253) 383-2733 or stop by the shelter to speak with staff who can look through a listing of found animals that are not in view. They may be held at someone’s home, a veterinary clinic, deceased, or in quarantine.

4. Don’t give up

  • Some pets have been reunited with their owners months or even years after being lost. Continue to check in with our staff and our website.

Other Tips

  • Call your nearest veterinary clinics and leave a description of your lost pet.
  • Post a classified ad in the local newspaper.
  • Talk with your neighbors or neighborhood watch.
  • Create signage to distribute around your community.
  • Check lost / found Facebook groups, Craigslist, Pawboost and neighborhood apps.

Found a Stray?

1. Bring the animal to our shelter

  • You can bring a found pet to the shelter seven days a week, from 11:00 am – 5:30 pm.
  • If found outside of these hours, please provide housing until the shelter opens or call local animal control to pick up the pet.

2.  Contact animal control

  • If the pet is wearing a license, call your local animal control for the owner’s information. Animal control officers will bring strays without licenses to us for sheltering.

3. Locate the owner

  • You can post online and put up signage around your community to help locate the owners.
  • Call the shelter at (253) 383 – 2733 to give our staff a description of the pet for it to be included in our found pet records.
  • Call your local veterinary clinics with a description of the pet.
  • Have the pet scanned for a microchip at your local veterinary clinic, or bring it to the shelter to be scanned.