Microchip story

After he’d been missing for five months, Jamie had given up hope of finding her beloved cat, Frack. Fortunately, he had a microchip, so when he showed up at the shelter, we were able to contact Jamie immediately. Both she and Frack were delighted to be reunited after so long – thanks to his micro chip.


Reunited Story

Buddy went missing three years ago, and the Gibsons had given up hope of ever seeing him again. He was a champion 4H dog, a friend, and a beloved member of the family. They were heartbroken, and still grieving for him when we called to say he was safe at the shelter. Thanks to his microchip, we were able to contact the Gibsons years after they had stopped searching for him at the shelter.


adoption story

When construction worker Mike “the Roofer” decided he needed a friend to accompany him to job sites, he knew where to go. At the Humane Society, he found just what he was looking for:  Zeus, an affectionate, enthusiastic puppy who is eager to be Mike’s Scrap Wood Collector and Lunchbox Inspector.


Reunited Story

When he met his wife downtown for lunch, Mr. Lee left the window open a few inches to give Lulu some air. But it was just enough for Lulu to squeeze out and scamper down the sidewalk, looking for him. When he returned to find Lulu missing, Mr. Lee was frantic. He drove immediately to the shelter, and was surprised and delighted to find her already there, curled up on a blanket in the front kennel. A passerby had spotted her running along the sidewalk, and brought her to safety. She was just one of dozens of pets who are reunited with their owners every week at the Humane Society.