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  • It’s always heart-warming to see a dog reunited with its owner after being missing a long time. The owner is thrilled, but many dogs react with surprise and hesitant recognition, as if they can’t quite believe their eyes. Then they get happier and happier and more excited as it sinks in. Sheila was missing for a whole year before Linda got our call saying she’d been found. By the time they left the shelter, the little dog was wagging her tail in a blur, and wiggling like a puppy.

  • The Prince and the Pea? No, he’s just showing off the fifty cat beds that were just donated. Back in July, Mary Hoffman offered to make a fleece bed for every $25 donated during theittybittykittycommittee.com fundraiser – and just look at the results! Thanks, Mary! These gorgeous colors will really showcase our kitties.

  • This week’s Featured Kitty is a wonderful girl who is sure to put a smile on your face every day! Izzy is a beautiful green-eyed 7 year old spayed Tortie Tabby with a standout personality. This little lady loves attention and isn’t afraid to show it! She will be happy to greet you at your feet after a long day and will join you on the couch for some good relaxation. Have other pet’s in your home already? Not to worry! With a slow introduction, Izzy would seem to do well with other cats and dogs. She does tend to have somewhat of a dominate personality, but that will most likely fade away as she gets comfortable in her new home. Don’t miss out on your chance to make this pretty girl yours forever! Reference #A447200

  • Lola went missing a year ago, and her family searched high and low for her before finally accepting that they would never see their beloved little friend again. So they were over the moon with happiness when we called to say she’d been picked up as a stray and brought to the shelter. Thanks to her microchip, Lola and her family were reunited right away. There’s going to be a lot of celebrating in their home tonight!

  • Does your family lack something? Could it use a burst of fun-loving energy accompanied by four paws and a very happy tail? Then Redd may be just what your family needs! This wonderful 5 year old Pit Bull mix has a sweet personality & an infectious smile that you’re sure to fall in love with. Redd has a laid-back personality and she will love spending time with your family doing whatever you enjoy! Redd is a very sweet girl—with a lot of strength! Due to this, it is recommended that she goes to a family with children over the age of ten. Having previous experience with a large dog is also a plus! Stop by the shelter and meet Redd today! Reference #A488358

  • We are lucky to live in a community of compassionate, caring animal advocates. Tacoma’s Lost and Found Pets on Facebook is a great example – at least a dozen lost pets have been reunited with their owners in just the last month through this page.
    If you’re in the Pierce County area, give this page a like and help spread the word when a pet is either lost or found.

    Tacoma's Lost And Found Pets

    This page is to help people get reunited with their pets. If you have lost or found an animal, post a picture and a brief description, and I will share it.
  • Sometimes you just have to be patient and trust that the right match is out there. Little Butch is shy and easily overwhelmed, and rejects most people who try to befriend him. But when Julia held him, it was like he knew he had found “the one.” He calmed right down, snuggled into her arms, and even gave her a kiss. She has a quiet home and the time to spend with him, so we are sure he’s found a home for good, now!

  • Is your home a peaceful place, which could use the pitter-patter of a sweet kitty? If so, Ming’s bags are packed and he’s ready to move in!
    Ming is an adorable 8 year old Domestic Longhair Siamese, quietly waiting for his forever family to come take him home. This bashful guy may not be the best at selling himself, but once you spend some time with him, there’s no doubt you’ll fall in love. Ming loves to cuddle and will roll over onto his back so you can brush his tummy, preferably in the warm sunlight. Due to his age, Ming would do best in a household with adults and older children. His history with other pets is unknown, therefore a very slow introduction would be necessary. Stop by and make this charming fellow yours today! Reference 3A489559

  • Today’s Featured Dog will be a wonderful addition for the entire family! Costello is a 4 year old American Bulldog/Pitbull mix and is sure to be the life of the party! This black pup is guaranteed to create smiles and laughter in your home on a daily basis. His favorite toys are tennis balls and he enjoys rousing games of keep away & tug-o-war. This sweet guy has a positive history with people of all ages, but because of his strength, we recommend he go to a home with older children and adults. Don’t miss out on your chance to bring this lovely goofball into your home forever! Reference #A488309


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