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Texas Dogs Seek Homes in Western Washington

On September 10, 43 total dogs made the 2,000 mile journey to Washington from Texas through Project Freedom Ride. On September 13, the Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County received 10 of these dogs from central, western, and northern Texas, and partner Kitsap Humane Society picked up five puppies to bring back to Silverdale. The Project Freedom Ride partnership connects unwanted, abandoned dogs in Texas with rescues and animal shelters in Washington State on a monthly basis.

Four staff members and a crew of dog walker volunteers met the new arrivals, and quickly took the dogs out for a good, long walk after their lengthy car ride. Everyone’s excitement was palpable, and volunteer Marilou Fischer remarked, “It’s just so inspiring to take part in something like this.”

The Project Freedom Ride dogs range in age from five months to three years, and will be made available for adoption in the next few days. Five-month-old German Shepherds Joshua and Lassen are currently on the adoption floor, though it will be only a matter of hours before the puppies meet their new, loving families.

The Humane Society first partnered with Project Freedom Ride in April 2017, and has taken in and adopted out approximately 60 of these Texas dogs. The Humane Society is honored at the chance to bridge the divide, saving lives by bringing a wide array of dogs into our pet-centric community.

We are Social Animals!

Would you look at Featured Pet Rico’s winning smile? We’re all so surprised that this six-year-old sweetheart hasn’t been snatched up, as once he overcomes initial shyness he is all love!

If you’ve got an adult-only home and are looking for a little one to brighten your life, the Miniature Pinscher mix is a strong candidate, indeed. Other bonuses include that he’s done well when sharing space with other dogs during his stay here, and he walks fairly well on leash.

Stop by today to see all that Rico has to offer! #521784
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Your Friday warm and fuzzy!

This made our day! Earlier this week, Olivia dropped by with a tote packed with canned and dry dog and cat food and dog and cat toys in addition to $110! Through Cascade Christian Schools' Feet to Faith project, Olivia opted to collect donations on behalf of her local Humane Society. And we so apawciate it! Great work, young lady 🐕🐈
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We have so many littles! They may be small, but they are packed with personality, and hoping you'll let them into your heart and home. Visit today 🐾 ... See MoreSee Less

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