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Give BIG to BIG Dogs

Throughout the entire month of May, we’re raising funds for our BIG dogs like Nellie! The Golden Retriever mix had a rough start and came to us in January 2016 after being removed from a neglectful situation. Kristina, a loyal volunteer with a soft spot for big dogs, fostered the shy sweetheart. Unfortunately, one afternoon Nellie got away from Kristina, and it was 16 long months before they would see each other again.


This past December, all Kristina wanted for Christmas was for her beloved Nellie to come home. She never gave up hope, and two weeks before Christmas, Nellie made her way back to the Society! Kristina knew she could never part with Nellie again and made it official by adopting her and making Nellie a bonafide member of the family.


“Nellie missing has been one of the hardest experiences. As time wore on, I started to lose faith, but when she was returned, I was so completely overjoyed! She is the best dog, and we love her. We are so grateful to be back together again,” Kristina shared.


In 2017, the Society reunited 1,720 lost pets with their families! When you Give BIG to BIG Dogs like Nellie, you are helping us care for them while they eagerly await their own happy reunion. You can donate by clicking here or by calling Annual Fund Manager Ashley Taulbee at (253) 284-5833.

After quite the journey, Nellie is loving her life with Kristina, and her smile has returned!

Thank you so much to CityLine-City of Tacoma for helping us share our story to the community!


Animals have been placed from January 1, 2018 through April 30th, 2018.


Lost pets have been reunited with their owners from January 1, 2018 through April 30th, 2018.

The Society has exceeded a 90% live release rate throughout 2017. Our current live release rate is 92.71%


Recent News

Click Here for information on the press release dated May 17th, 2018.




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